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Naming of Schools

  • Code: EF.AR
    Topic: Naming of Schools
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2022


The primary function of naming schools is to recognize and honour either noteworthy persons or names of communities.


Decommissioning refers to the process required when a school is closed. 

Historical List of Suggested School Names is a list of names previously suggested for the naming of a school, including the rationale, submitted by the public and/or Division staff. Names will be removed from the list when they are used in naming a school. 

Naming Criteria includes the following:

  • names of persons who have made a valuable contribution to education;
  • persons who have made a valuable contribution to the community at large;
  • persons who represent diversity in the community; and
  • names of significance to the community, including community names.


Corporate Board Secretary shall maintain an ongoing Historical List of Suggested School Names for consideration. 

Board of Trustees shall announce the name of the school(s). 

Caucus Committee shall confirm the naming criteria prior to engaging the public; and approve the selection of the school name(s). 

Planning Department shall manage the stakeholder engagement process and provide all details for consideration.


  1. The following process shall be used in naming schools:
    1. The Naming Criteria is confirmed by Caucus Committee, allowing for modifications and/or amendments to the criteria;
    2. The public at large and Division staff are provided an opportunity to provide input on the names for consideration;
    3. The Historical List of Suggested School Names will be reviewed and names may be added for consideration;
    4. Caucus Committee is presented with a short list of names for consideration, based on the approved criteria, including the rationale and background information for each name;
    5. A facilitated process to assist members of Caucus Committee with the selection of a name will be available;
    6. The Superintendent of Schools shall recommend for approval to the Board of Trustees the name for the school(s), consistent with the direction provided by Caucus Committee; and
    7. Caucus Committee will make the final decision and the selected name(s) will be announced at a public board meeting.
  2. The following process shall be used when decommissioning school names:
    1. When a school is closed, the closed school building will be known as the “______ School Building”.
    2. When a school building is disposed of, the name of the disposed school building will no longer be referred to as the “______ School” or the “______ School Building”.
    3. Names of disposed school buildings will be returned to the Historical List of Suggested School Names for future consideration.
    4. The above information will be shared with Division staff, tenants, new owners, City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta at the time of closure or disposition of the school building.
  3. Planning Department shall initiate the Naming of Schools process to allow the maximum amount of time for the design of the school to incorporate the character of the school name and to allow the community to become familiar with the school name.

  4. For all new schools, a suitable plaque outlining the origin of the school name shall be placed in a prominent position in the school. If the school is named after an individual, a picture and brief biography of the person being honoured should be displayed.

  5. The Board's decision for the school name shall be communicated to the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.


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