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This section deals with student-related policies addressing the collective and individual needs and welfare of students, and the educational needs and welfare of society.


HA.BP Inclusive Education
HA.AR Students in Need of Specialized Supports and Services
HAA.BP First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education
HAA.AR Aboriginal Education
HAAB.BP Anti-racism and Equity
HAH.AR Division Seclusion Rooms and Use of Physical Restraint
HB.AR Student Placement
HC.BP Resident Student Enrolment
HC.AR Student Admission and Enrolment
HEC.BP Non-Resident Student Admission and Enrolment
HED.BP Student Attendance
HED.AR Student Attendance
HEGC.AR Home Instruction Services
HEGD.AR Exemption of Pupil From Activities on Religious Grounds
HF.BP Safe, Caring and Respectful Learning Environments
HF.AR Safe, Caring and Respectful Learning Environments
HFA.BP Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
HFA.AR Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

HG.BP Student Behaviour and Conduct
HG.AR Student Behaviour and Conduct
HGA.AR Student Searches and Police Investigation Involving Students
HGD.BP Student Suspension and Expulsion
HGD.AR Student Suspension and Expulsion
HH.BP Supervision of Elementary and Junior High Students During Lunch
HH.AR Lunch-time Supervision Service for Elementary and Junior High Students
HHA.AR Student Insurance Program
HHCA.AR Hygienic Practices
HHCC.AR Communicable Disease
HHCD.AR Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication Management
HHCE.AR Student Health Emergency Procedures
HHCF.AR Student or Staff Suicide
HHEB.AR Children in Need of Intervention
HHEC.AR Legal Custody of Children
HHFA.AR Supervision of Students
HHFB.AR Student Safety Patrols
HHFE.AR Use of Inflatable Amusement Attractions and Trampolines for School Activities
HI.AR Student Awards and Scholarships
HNB.AR School Fees
HO.AR Student Records

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