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Curriculum and Instruction


This section deals with the total instruction program and reflects the school’s reason for being: to provide the best possible educational opportunity for students.


GA.BP Student Programs of Study
GAA.BP Delivery of Student Programs of Study
GAA.AR Off-Campus Education
GCA.BP Approval of the School Year Calendar
GCA.AR The School Year Calendar
GCAA.AR Dismissal Times Before Vacation Periods
GCAB.AR Remembrance Day
GD.BP Instructional Time
GE.BP Organization for Instruction
GEA.AR Semester Changeover - Senior High Schools
GED.AR Publicizing Programs
GEE.AR Decision Authority for Programs, Curriculum, Student Assessment and Instructional Resources
GEFB.AR Curriculum Course Pilots
GGAB.BP Multicultural Education
GGAB.AR Multicultural Education
GGAD.AR Knowledge and Employability (K&E) Courses
GGAF.AR French Language Programs
GGAG.AR International and Aboriginal Language Programs and Courses
GGAJ.BP Early Years
GGDA.AR Guidelines for Student Activities and Organizations
GGDC.AR School Dances
GGDJ.AR Participation in Interschool Athletic Activities
GHB.AR Learning Group Size
GHHB.AR Home Education Program
GI.AR Teaching and Learning Resources
GIAD.AR Use of Commercial and Special Interest Materials in Schools
GIBD.BP Integrated School Library Learning Commons
GICA.AR Field Trips
GK.BP Student Assessment, Achievement and Growth
GKA.AR Senior High School Course Challenge
GKB.AR Standards for Evaluation
GNDB.AR Flying and Displaying Flags in Schools

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