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Book a school gym

Please note: All community use of indoor space is currently suspended, as per the COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy.

If You Qualify Under the Joint Use Agreement

If you’re part of a registered not-for-profit group or an informal organization and wish to use a gym outside of school hours, you are eligible to book under the Joint Use Agreement (see Schedule B-2 for eligibility details).

The City of Edmonton facilitates these bookings.  Find information about gym sizes, rates, bookings and cancellations on the City of Edmonton websiteor call 311.

If You Don't Qualify Under the Joint Use Agreement

If you’re part of a for-profit group or part of a not-for-profit group who wishes to use an Edmonton Public Schools gym during non-Joint Use Agreement times or for an activity not included in the Joint Use Agreement, you may book through Edmonton Public Schools. Please use our Rental Request Form.

See gym size and location information.

Questions? Email or call 780-429-8427.