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National Anthem and Flag

  • Code: ACB.BP
    Topic: National Anthem and Flag
    Issue Date: 18/12/2015
    Effective Date: 11/05/2010
    Review Year: 2017


Given that Canada is a multicultural and democratic nation identified by its national anthem and flag, the Board believes that patriotic exercises and the cultivation of patriotic sentiment contributes to a climate of mutual respect and trust conducive to student learning, personal development, social living and citizenship within a Canadian context. All Edmonton Public Schools shall display the Canadian flag and are expected to play or conduct regular singing of the national anthem.


FA.BP Human Resources Framework
FBCA.AR Respectful Working Environments
GGAB.BP Multicultural Education
GNDB.AR Flying and Displaying Flags in Schools
School Act

(please see Sections 26 and 50 of the School Act)