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Fees, supplies and textbooks


School is mostly free in Canada, but some schools may charge fees for alternative programming. Contact a school to learn more about programming fees.

Schools can charge fees for materials used in student learning, such as textbook or musical instrument rentals. Some schools may also charge fees to cover the costs of:

  • locker rentals
  • student agendas
  • field trips
  • lunch room supervision
  • yearbooks
  • tools to support learning for a particular course (e.g. calculators, tools or materials for food studies, art or music)

Fees may be waived for families with exceptional financial circumstances. Contact your child's school to learn more about waived fees.


Teachers provide a school supplies list before the first day of school. Your can find the list on SchoolZone or the school's website in early August.


Textbooks are provided to students to use during a semester or the full school year. Some schools may charge a rental fee. Students are responsible for textbooks and will have to pay for lost or damaged books. Contact the school for more information about textbooks and fees.


International students are required to pay significant fees to study in District schools. Most of these fees are for the programming and other services a student receives at the school they attend. Fees paid by international students include the cost of book rentals, textbooks, and Student Union fees. Learn more about the tuition and fees for international students.


Bus pass fees cover the difference between the cost of providing transportation and provincial student transportation grants. Learn more about fees for yellow bus passes and Edmonton Transit System (ETS) passes.