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  • Tue, 17 May, 2022

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    Edmonton Public Schools announces the renaming of Dan Knott School to kisêwâtisiwin School

    Dan Knott School will be officially renamed for the 2022–23 school year.

  • Sat, 16 Apr, 2022

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    Statement about McNally student who passed away

    Superintendent Darrel Robertson spoke with media about a student who passed away on Friday. Read his statement.

  • Thu, 1 Apr, 2021

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    Division will not pilot new curriculum

    Read a statement from Superintendent Darrel Robertson. 

  • Wed, 24 Jun, 2020

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    Resignation letter from Trustee Cheryl Johner

    Edmonton Public Schools' Ward A Trustee Cheryl Johner releases letter of resignation.

  • Fri, 17 Apr, 2020

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    Temporary layoff notices issued

    Superintendent Darrel Robertson shares a letter to families about temporary layoffs after the province redirects education funding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Wed, 4 Mar, 2020

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    International field trips cancelled until the end of April

    Edmonton Public Schools has cancelled 23 field trips that were scheduled in March and April. 

  • Thu, 30 Jan, 2020

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    All field trips to China cancelled

    Edmonton Public Schools is cancelling all field trips to China for the remainder of the school year.

  • Tue, 10 Dec, 2019

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    Edmonton Public Schools’ Board of Trustees votes to increase bus fees

    Bus fee increases take effect February 1, 2020.

  • Tue, 14 May, 2019

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    At today’s public meeting, the Board of Trustees announced three new school names. 

  • Thu, 21 Feb, 2019

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    Health Care Aide program launches at McNally School

    A new program gives high school students from across the city an opportunity to earn credits and certification, regardless of which District school they normally attend.

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