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Bus Routes and Stops

Building bus routes

Did you know we plan about 1,000 bus routes each year? Our transportation planners, schools and carriers work together to make sure your child gets to and from school. Check out this video to learn how we build bus routes and how to stay informed about your child's yellow bus service. 

Bus service in new neighbourhoods

Yellow bus services is provided to students living in rural areas and new Edmonton neighbourhoods without a local school, when:

  • Edmonton Transit (ETS) service is not available or adequate
  • the walking distance to the designated school is excessive

View the detailed map on any school page to see the attendance area in which yellow school bus transportation may be available.

Bus stop locations

Minimizing ride times is the highest priority when designing a yellow bus route. One way to reduce ride times is to maintain a direct route by picking students up along a main road rather than stopping at individual homes.

Service for students with special education needs is provided as close to the home as possible within the constraints a large yellow bus. 

Yellow buses may stop at safe stop locations, including:

  • ETS bus stops
  • the far side of intersections
  • the far side of crosswalks
  • school bus loading zones

Walk distance from home to the bus stop

Every effort is made to provide bus stop locations within 400 metres of the student's home.

Different pick up and drop off locations

A student can be picked up and dropped off at different locations (e.g. picked up at home and dropped off at daycare) as long as:

  • both locations are within the school’s yellow bus service area
  • both locations remain consistent every day of the week