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Making Changes To Bus Routes

Yellow bus routes may require slight changes throughout the year for new or cancelled riders. A few days before the change takes effect, school staff will send home new schedules with the riders or notify parents via SchoolZone.

If you are a new rider, learn more about how to apply for yellow bus service.

Request a yellow bus route change

To request changes to a yellow bus route, contact your child’s school. Bus drivers are not authorized to take bus route change requests. 

Request a route change to accommodate child care

Service request changes to accommodate a change in childcare may be approved if:

  • the school has sufficient notice
  • the new location doesn’t change your child's eligibility

Deadlines to Request a Route Change 

Calendars and deadlines to request route changes for the 2021-22 school year will be posted in April.

Changes in Effect

Route changes must consider the impact on all riders and may take time to be considered or implemented. If a route change is approved, all riders must be notified before the change takes effect. You can help by submitting requests to your school as soon as possible.

If a request is approved, it will take effect on the next change date. Parents can find bus rider information updates on SchoolZone the Saturday before the change takes effect. 

Notifying the bus driver if your child is sick or away

If your child is sick for a short period of time contact the bus driver or bus company directly.

If your child will be away for an extended period of time (e.g illness, vacation) contact your child's school. The school will notify Student Transportation and the bus company. Depending on the length of your child's absence, the route may be adjusted to accommodate the change.