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Seat Restraints


School buses have been proven to be the safest form of student transportation.

A common concern for first-time yellow bus riders is the fact that seat belts are not required on school buses. Seat belts are not required because yellow buses are designed to reduce the chances of injury and are equipped with more safety equipment than any other vehicle, including:

  • well-padded, high-back, energy-absorbing seats
  • lights, mirrors
  • rollover protection
  • brakes
  • emergency exits
  • special equipment for wheelchair restraint systems


Seat restraints, such as lap-belts or harnesses, are only to be used when a rider experiences involuntary movements due to a physical disability, upon recommendation of the school principal. Parents may not provide additional seat restraints, seat belts or baby seats to be used on yellow buses.

If a parent does not support the use of a restraint, they will be responsible for making alternate transportation arrangements.

If both the school principal and parent agree that seat restraint is necessary, a Seat Restraint Form must be completed. You can get a Seat Restraint Form at your child's school. If any of the post-agreement responsibilities are not fulfilled daily and in a timely manner, the bus driver may refuse to transport the student.

For more information about seat restraints, contact your child’s school.



  • The bus driver will ensure that the student is properly secured.


  • The parent/guardian is responsible for: fitting the student with the harness prior to the bus arrival; escorting the student on to the bus; securing the harness on the bus; meeting the bus on its return trip; releasing the child from the harness; and storing the harness overnight.

  • The bus driver will provide supervision to ensure that the student is properly secured.

  • The school is responsible for: releasing the child from the seat upon arrival at school; storing the harness during school hours; fitting the student with the harness prior to the bus arriving; escorting the child on to the bus; and securing the harness on the bus.

  • Daycares, babysitters and other caregivers are accepting the roles of the parents/guardians and should refer to parents/guardians for responsibilities.


Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved 4-point harnesses or lap-belts are the only seat restraints approved for use on Edmonton Public Schools special needs buses. Harnesses can be purchased through the Distribution Centre. Costs associated with seat restraints will be paid by the school.