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School Generated Funds

  • Code: CSGA.AR
    Topic: School Generated Funds
    Issue Date: 15/03/2022
    Effective Date: 24/06/2008
    Review Year: 2029


School Generated Funds are funds collected by the school and fall into two main categories: 

Remitted Funds - funds collected and remitted to central services to cover operational, administrative or capital expenditures which are charged against the school budget and accounted for centrally. If the expenditure is charged to a central service decision unit, the remittances recorded to a central service decision unit. If the expenditure is charged to the school, the amount remitted is included in the school's local revenues and offset against expenditures in calculating the current year surplus or deficit for the school. 

These funds include:

    1. funds collected and remitted to Financial Services for expenditures that will be charged to the school's regular budget.
      • for example, textbook rentals, instructional material fees, parking stall rentals, customer service receipts, leases and lunch program fees collected for lunchroom aide salaries 
    2. funds collected and remitted to Financial Services and charged to a central service decision unit.
      • for example, bus passes, non-resident fees and goods and services tax. 

Retained Funds - funds collected for specific purposes or activities. These funds are retained at the school and expenditures for these activities are paid by the school and charged against the revenues in the school's accounts. These revenues or expenditures are not taken into account in calculating the school's surplus or deficit. These funds include:

    1. funds collected where the costs are paid out of the collected funds and retained at school.
      • for example, student union and club activity fees, yearbook sales, student identification card sales, lock sales, T-shirt sales, graduation fees, field trip fees, and other similar items
    2. funds from a school parent and community group.
    3. funds raised from commissions and vending machines.
      • for example, bank current account interest, commissions received, such as book fairs, and pictures
    4. funds raised in the school by the sale of goods and services when costs are paid by the school out of retained funds.
      • for example, book stores, cafeteria
      • for example, the sale of goods that have been produced by students or staff as part of a classroom activity. Students and staff are not permitted to retain financial proceeds from the sale of these goods. 

 All gifts, donations and grants are to be remitted for charitable receipt preparation and/or tracking purposes.

    1. Funds will be credited to the school's revenue if the related expenditures will be charged against the school budget.
    2. Funds will be returned to the school if the related expenditure will be made out of school generated funds.
    3. Donations received from parent groups for school generated fund activities are the exception and can be retained at the school.


  1. Schools shall include all school generated funds in their annual budget except those budgeted in central services such as bus passes and non-resident fees.

  2. School generated funds shall not be used for the benefit of the school staff.

  3. Prior to the collection of funds by means of a voluntary per-student fee, principals shall ensure that students and/or their parents are informed of the optional nature of such fees.

    1. All retained funds raised from a school parent and community group, or donated for a specified purpose shall be used only for that purpose unless mutually agreed by the Principal and the fund-raising group or donor.
    2. Any residual school generated funds may be spent on other student related activities, provided this intent is communicated prior to the collection of money.

    1. The soliciting of funds from individual students or staff on school premises is prohibited by Administrative Regulation IJ.AR - School Participation in Charities: Canvassing in Schools.
    2. While not prohibited, games of chance (such as raffles) and door-to-door canvassing in the community by children should only be undertaken with due consideration of community attitudes toward such activities.
  4. All fund-raising activities or appeals shall comply with the Charitable Fund-Raising Act and its regulations.

  5. Principal's Responsibilities:
    1. Approving any school, staff, and/or student involvement in fund-raising activities conducted by the school.
    2. Consulting with any individual(s) and group(s) raising funds for the school, regarding proposed use of the funds, publicity methods to be used, and the timeliness of the activity or appeal.
    3. Approving the proposed use of all school generated funds, including funds donated by school parent and community groups, and communicating this prior to the collection of any funds.
    4. Approval of the proposed use of donations should be in writing. For donations eligible for tax credit status, refer to Administrative Regulation IH.AR - Public Gifts.
    5. Identifying the party(s) responsible for a fund-raising activity prior to the activity. It is important to distinguish between activities conducted by the school in which parents may participate or volunteer and, activities conducted by school parent or community groups in which the school participates or assists in promoting.
  6. Funds Raised by School Parent and Community Groups
    A school parent or community group raising funds to donate to the school shall retain all responsibility for financial accounting and reporting, and any liability for its activities until the funds are accepted by the school.
    1. Group Administration of Funds
      1. Groups choosing to administer their funds independently are encouraged to register under the Societies Act of Alberta which has prescribed reporting requirements. If a school, parent or community group intends to raise funds for the school through games of chance regulated by Alberta Gaming (bingos, raffles, casinos...), the group, or a subcommittee thereof, is required to be incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta for licensing purposes.
        The group name shall not have a direct reference to the school. For example, the Riverbend Band Parents' Association not Riverbend School Band Parents' Association.
      2. The school principal and staff shall not have signing authority or financial responsibility for the group's account(s).
    2. School Administration of Funds Held in Trust
      1. The principal may authorize groups, so requesting, to have their funds administered by the school.
      2. The funds shall be entered into the school's records and be accounted for separately.
      3. The principal shall provide the group with financial reports of the funds and a group representative may pre-authorize the disbursement of funds.
    3. School Administration of Donated Funds
      1. When a group donates funds to the school, at that time the funds shall be entered into the school's records and be accounted for separately.
      2. If the funds are donated for a specified purpose, the principal shall provide the group with financial reports of the funds, if required by the group.


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