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School Participation in Charities - Canvassing in Schools

  • Code: IJ.AR
    Topic: School Participation in Charities - Canvassing in Schools
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2016


  1. Schools are encouraged, on an optional basis, to provide students with experiences intended to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the role, purposes and activities of non-profit societies and registered charities. 
  1. School participation in non-profit societies and registered charities includes locally and globally initiated activities to assist individuals and groups in need. 
  1. Schools may conduct group fundraising activities and donate the proceeds to a non-profit society, a registered charity, a family in need, or for sponsorship of a child in another country. 
  1. Schools may participate in approved programs aimed at the collection and distribution of goods for the less fortunate. 
  1. Schools, on an optional basis, may elect to participate in fundraising activities that are conducted external to the school. 
  1. Principals wanting clarification regarding the status of a particular fundraising group are encouraged to contact Communications for assistance. 
  1. Requests by non-profit societies and registered charities for permission to distribute materials to schools are made through Communications, which will share approved opportunities with staff through the Division's internal communications system. 
  1. Although fundraising in schools is permitted, as outlined above, canvassing is prohibited. No person shall canvas, sell or offer to sell goods, services or merchandise to a teacher or a student in a school.


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