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Managing District Information

  • Code: CN.BP
    Topic: Managing District Information
    Issue Date: 17/09/2014
    Effective Date: 10/11/2009
    Review Year: 2013


All records created in the service of Edmonton Public Schools, regardless of form or creator, are the property of Edmonton Public Schools. Records are an asset and support the District's work in providing a quality education to each student to reach their maximum potential.

  1. The Board believes that:
    1. District records are a vital district resource that must be managed effectively and efficiently;
    2. staff should have access to the information necessary for them to carry out their work;
    3. the District is responsible for documenting the activities and results for which the District is accountable;
    4. parents, staff, students and the public have the right of access to records held by the District except where district or legislated requirements prevent.

  2.  The Board expects that district records management practices and processes shall ensure:
    1. open and accountable reporting to the public;
    2. District records are maintained in a legally defensible manner;
    3. accountability for managing and maintaining information is clear and well-defined;
    4. information is managed through its entire life cycle from collection, record creation or receipt to final disposition through archival preservation or destruction;
    5. the privacy of individuals is protected at all times during collection, use and disclosure of information;
    6. the security, integrity and accuracy of information used and reported.

  3. District Archives
    1.  The Board encourages the collection and preservation of records and objects which form the permanent record of the District's philosophy, policy, people, and performance. 
    2. Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museum shall be the official repository and custodian of such materials. 
    3. The Board believes that records and objects assist in the interpretation of history, and that these materials should be accessible to district staff, students, parents, and the general public, subject to any restrictions imposed by law or district policy and regulations.


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