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School Dances

  • Code: GGDC.AR
    Topic: School Dances
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 14/12/2009
    Review Year: 2014


    1. The principal shall be responsible for the scheduling and supervision of school dances.

    2. Attendance at school dances shall be limited to registered students and guests approved by the principal.

    3. Uniformed police officers may be employed to assist in the supervision of school dances. Information on the employment of off-duty police officers for that purpose is available from the City of Edmonton Police Administration Bureau (780-421-3333).

    4. All guidelines under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code shall be met during school dances.

    5. Appropriate royalties and fees shall be paid by the band or music provider. A clause for this purpose shall be included in the contract.

    6. Approved vendors can be found on the Purchasing and Contract Services website under Services.
    1. In order to protect the health and safety of students, staff and volunteers, Part 16 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code sets limits for noise exposure in the workplace. When supervising school dances, maximum exposure times shall be observed for all supervisors.

    2. Maximum sound levels should be written into contracts with booking agents, musicians and other music providers. Establishing such conditions in advance may avoid confrontations with bands and other music providers during performances.

    3. The use of fog, smoke or pyrotechnic devices during school dances shall be prohibited.

    4. If flashing or strobe lights are to be used, a sign so indicating shall be posted at all entrances or a warning shall be printed on admission tickets.

    5. All fire codes shall be observed. 


DBBA.AR Fire Hazard Regulations
Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code - Part 11
Purchasing and Contract Services