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Visual Identity Program

  • Code: IBA.AR
    Topic: Visual Identity Program
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 23/01/1984
    Review Year: 0


Principals are responsible for the quality of school communications with their staffs, students, community and the Division. 

The effective use of a school and Division logo is an integral part of the school's visual identity program. 

  1. Schools are encouraged to develop their own distinctive logo to be used on supplies, letterheads, publications and other print material. 
  1. The one logo to be used is to receive the prior approval of the Assistant Superintendent. 
  1. The Edmonton Public Schools logo is to be used on school letterhead and printed community (public) communications. 
  1. The school letterhead requires the approval of the Assistant Superintendent. 
  1. The listing of staff credentials on letterhead is discouraged. 

Communications is prepared to provide assistance to schools in developing their visual identity program and in coordinating the efforts of graphic and print services.