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Conducting Research within the Division

  • Code: IQ.AR
    Topic: Conducting Research within the Division
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2015


Research for distribution (publishing, fulfillment of degree requirements, presentation) by Division staff or by external researchers must have approval of the Superintendent of Schools prior to commencing. 

All data created in the service of Edmonton Public Schools, regardless of form or creator, are the property of Edmonton Public Schools. The right to access and use these data for research purposes may be granted by the Superintendent of Schools. 

    On behalf of the Superintendent of Schools, Research Support Services shall be responsible for:
    1. Evaluating and approving or declining all proposals to conduct research within Edmonton Public Schools;
    2. Identifying and notifying principal(s) or decision unit(s) of approval before research commences;
    3. Evaluating proposals to conduct research according to the following criteria:
          • Research has educational benefit, relevance and significance to the Division;
          • Research has acceptable impact on normal school and classroom activities;
          • Duplication of research and oversubscription of individual schools or decision units are avoided;
          • Acceptable research practices are followed and the terms and conditions outlined in the letter of approval can be met; and
          • The researcher's proposed practices for handling personal information conform to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Regulation.
    4. Providing an annual record of all approved research in the Division to the Superintendent of Schools; and
    5. Collecting and managing results of research conducted in the Division.
    1. Research proposals shall be submitted to RDK and shall include the following:
      • A description of the research project including:
        • Objectives,
        • Methodology,
        • Evaluative instruments,
        • Specific details of participants and expectations thereof,
        • Anticipated time line and completion date of the final report;
      • A description of how this research is of value to the Division;
      • The process of obtaining informed consent including letters and consent documents; and
      • Confirmation of approved ethics review by the researcher's home institution or an alternative acceptable to RDK.
    2. Research proposals from the University of Alberta shall include confirmation of approval by the University's Cooperative Activities Program (CAP).

    3. Research proposals shall conform to the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Regulation (FOIP).
    If a proposal is approved, RDK shall provide a letter on behalf of Edmonton Public Schools to the requester and to all identified principal(s) and decision unit administrator(s) indicating:
      • That the research has been approved subject to the conditions outlined;
      • That a copy of the results of the research must be submitted to RDK;
      • Any other terms and conditions for conducting the research; and
      • That the researcher may contact the principal(s) or decision unit administrator(s) of the identified location(s) to seek permission to proceed and to make any necessary arrangements.


CN.AR Creation, Use and Maintenance of Division Information
CNA.AR Security of Personal and Division Information
HO.AR Student Records
Education Act - Sections 7(4)(b), 33(1)(d), 60