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Electioneering and Politically Motivated Communications

  • Code: IJA.BP
    Topic: Electioneering and Politically Motivated Communications
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 28/01/2020
    Review Year: 2024


To clarify the Board of Trustees’ (the Board) responsibility to ensure the appropriate use of Division resources during elections and political campaigns.

To ensure a learning and working environment that is free of political bias, disturbances and interruptions that may arise due to campaign activities.


A campaign is an attempt by an individual or group to create action by students, staff, or others for a political objective, including achieving election to public office.


The Board of Trustees believes that a locally elected school board is integral to public education and therefore, the Division, under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, shall play an active role in disseminating information to the electorate about school board elections.

The Board believes Division resources should only be used for administrative and instructional purposes. Division staff, students and resources shall not be used for distribution of politically motivated communications or campaign materials with the exception of Board authorized advocacy communications and as outlined in this policy.

  1. The Board of Trustees prohibits campaigning in or through Edmonton Public Schools by individual candidates or parties for school board, municipal, provincial or federal elections, with the following exceptions:
    1. schools may organize all-candidate forums for educational purposes; and
    2. school space may be rented after school hours by a candidate or party on a commercial use basis.
  2. The Board of Trustees prohibits the posting or distribution of campaign materials associated with school board, municipal, provincial and federal elections on lands, within buildings, or through communication vehicles owned by the Edmonton Public School Board except that campaign materials may be:
    1. posted and distributed in that portion of a school rented for a campaign meeting or being used for an all-candidate forum; however, all political materials must be removed from school premises at the end of any such meeting;
    2. used as classroom teaching aids on condition that support for an individual candidate or political party is not solicited; and
    3. posted and distributed when specific to school board elections, as directed by the Superintendent of Schools and in accordance with this policy.
    4. posted or distributed regarding candidates for school board elections on condition that all candidates are treated equally and may not solicit or imply support for any individual candidate or slate of candidates.


The Superintendent shall report any violation of IJA.BP Electioneering and Politically Motivated Communications to the Board, with information regarding resolution of the situation.


Education Act - Sections 7(4)(b), 33(1)(d), 60

(please see Sections 33(1)(d), 256)