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Schools with Closed Boundaries

For some Division schools, enrolment pressures have led to the decision to close their boundaries. These decisions are made when, due to limited space, only students within a school’s designated attendance area can attend.

For schools with closed boundaries:

  • students currently attending the school may remain at the school
  • siblings of current students who are returning for the upcoming year will be accepted, as long as they pre-enrol before the deadline of April 15, 2021
  • students enrolling in the school must live within the school’s attendance area

After pre-enrolment closes on April 15, 2021, only resident students* who move into the school’s attendance area will be able to attend a closed-boundary school. Non-resident students who wish to register after the pre-enrolment deadline can attend a school in their current school division or another Edmonton Public School that has space in planned classes.

*A resident student has at least one parent or guardian who lives in Edmonton and who is not Roman Catholic.



Program with closed boundaries 

For these grades 

Bessie Nichols School-wide    All grades 
Caernarvon     Regular program  All grades
Constable Daniel Woodall      School-wide All grades
David Thomas King School-wide       All grades 
Dr. Lila Fahlman School-wide   All grades 
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School-wide   All grades 
Dunluce Regular program            All grades
Ellerslie Campus School-wide    All grades
Hilwie Hamdon School-wide All grades
Jan Reimer  School-wide All grades
John Barnett School-wide All grades
John D. Bracco School-wide All grades 
Julia Kiniski School-wide All grades  
Kim Hung School-wide All grades
Lorelei School-wide  All grades 
Major-General Griesbach School-wide All grades 
Meyokumin  Regular program All grades 
Michael Strembitsky School-wide  All grades 
Nellie Carlson School-wide   All grades  
Norwood  School-wide  All grades 
Shauna May Seneca School-wide  All grades 
Svend Hansen  School-wide  All grades 
Velma E. Baker School-wide  All grades 
Weinlos  School-wide  All grades