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Ward B: Michelle Draper

Michelle Draper

Michelle Draper

Ward: B Term: October 2017-2021

Michelle Draper has served on the Board since 2013 and was acclaimed during the 2017 municipal election. She has served as both Vice-Chair and Chair, and is excited to continue on as Board Chair for the 2018-19 school year.

She holds a bachelor of education after degree, a master of arts and a master of science. Michelle is a credentialed evaluator, holding a professional designation. She is a partner of AndersonDraper Consulting Inc, conducting research and evaluation.

As a community advocate, Michelle wants to see increased supports for early childhood development and success for all students right through to high school completion and beyond. She looks forward to fostering a cohesive team that has a strong relationship with the Superintendent and Administration, as well as all levels of government and the community.

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