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Program Description

Cogito programming is designed for students who are willing to work to achieve a high level of academic excellence in an environment that emphasizes structure and order.


  • Develop academic skills to achieve excellent results
  • Demonstrate diligence and self-discipline


  • Improved reading and writing skills
  • Improved math and critical-thinking skills 
  • Improved work ethic, study habits and organizational skills
  • Preparation for a wide range of future academic, professional and skilled employment opportunities

Program delivery

  • Teacher-led instruction that focuses on students learning and progressing through the curriculum together 
  • Structured classroom environment
  • Regular homework
  • Recitation, memorization and practice exercises to improve learning
  • Early reading instruction in phonics--understanding letters, sounds and syllables 
  • Second language instruction introduced in Grade 1
  • Additional opportunities to study core subjects in-depth
  • Uniforms or a dress code requirement
  • A high level of parental support and commitment


Students must be in Kindergarten to Grade 9. Contact a school offering Cogito for information about eligibility and programming options.

Alberta curriculum

All Edmonton Public Schools programming is based on curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in Cogito will receive the same high-quality education offered in all of our programs.


  • Kindergarten to Grade 6 – Some yellow busing options are available.
  • Grade 7 to 12 – Edmonton Transit is the preferred method of transportation.

For more information about busing, contact a school offering Cogito or call Student Transportation at 780-429-8585.  


Elementary 2024–25

Junior High 2024–25

Senior High 2024–25