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Sakinah Circle

Program Description

Sakinah Circle programming is based on a philosophy of education derived from the Qur’anic worldview.


  • Learn in ways that brings students closer to the Creator
  • Develop critical minds, conscious hearts and compassion for others
  • Recognize student’s fitrah (innate nature), nurture taqwa (God consciousness) and strive to become khulafah (stewardship)


  • Development of Sakinah (inner tranquility)
  • A focus on becoming intentional, responsible, respectful, real and reflective individuals

Program delivery

  • Learning that is drawn from Islamic faith, civilization and intellectual tradition
  • A holistic learning environment that addresses a student’s academic, creative and personal development
  • An introduction to Arabic as a second language
  • Recognizing the wonders of nature and how it builds a deeper spiritual connection with Islam
  • Opportunities for community service
  • Modified calendar to accommodate Eid holidays 


Students and families from all faiths and cultures are welcome. For more information about eligibility, contact a school offering Sakinah Circle.

Alberta curriculum

All Edmonton Public Schools programming is based on curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in Sakinah Circle will receive the same high-quality education offered in all of our programs.


Some yellow busing options are available. For more information about busing, contact a school offering Sakinah Circle or call Student Transportation at 780-429-8585.


Elementary 2024–25

Junior High 2024–25

Senior High 2024–25