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Garth Worthington Memorial Scholarship

Garth Worthington

Garth Worthington spent three decades teaching music in Edmonton Public Schools, conducting thousands of students in school bands and choirs. He also worked as an assistant supervisor of music with the Division and was one of the creators of Night of Music, an annual showcase of students in Edmonton Public Schools. 

Garth also spent his time conducting the Centennial Singers, a choir made up of high school students across Edmonton Public Schools. He was a talented musician and singer in his own right. Garth sang baritone and played piano, guitar, clarinet and sousaphone. He passed away in 2014. To keep his passion for music alive, the Garth Worthington Memorial Scholarship fund was established. This scholarship supports vocal or choral music students who attend an Edmonton Public Schools' high school.


The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize a senior high school student in Edmonton Public Schools with outstanding talent and skill in vocal or choral music and who is actively pursuing vocal or choral music studies.



An applicant must: 

  • be registered at an Edmonton Public Schools high school
  • demonstrate financial need that warrants scholarship support
  • demonstrate outstanding talent and skill in vocal or choral music
  • be actively pursuing vocal or choral music studies

The school principal will be asked to support the student’s application and verify financial support is warranted. 

Application process


Before completing the application form, the applicant must:

  • get a letter of reference from a current Edmonton Public Schools staff member or non-family member involved with the student’s vocal or choral music instruction
  • create a maximum three-minute personal performance video demonstrating their outstanding talent and skill in vocal or choral music
  • prepare a current resumé of their creative participation to provide evidence of how they are actively pursuing vocal or choral music studies (if an applicant doesn’t already have a resumé, they can build one in their myBlueprint account, available through SchoolZone)

The applicant will need to prepare answers to the following questions for the application form:

  • What role does music play in your life?
  • What support do you give to and receive from the music community?
  • How do you plan to use the scholarship money?
  • What extracurricular and community activities are you involved in?
  • What accomplishments beyond music are you most proud of?
  • What are your future aspirations and goals? 


  1. Double-check the "Get ready to apply" section above to make sure you have all requested items. 
  2. Review the important information you need before you apply.
  3. Be sure all parts of your submission are properly prepared and ready to upload. Once you begin the application, there is no option to save your progress.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, April 29, 2024


The selection team will rank each submission on the applicant's:

  • talent and skill in vocal or choral music
  • pursuit of vocal or choral music education
  • personal and/or leadership qualities
  • financial need

Recipients will be contacted in June.