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Opportunity Through Education Scholarship

Sandra Woitas Sandra B. Woitas served as Director of the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation from 2009 to 2014. Her work focused on raising the profile of the Division in the community, advocating for public education, building strong partnerships with stakeholders, and raising funds to support early learning and Full-day Kindergarten classrooms in vulnerable communities. This scholarship was established by Sandra’s colleagues, friends and family in recognition of her many contributions.


The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a student registered at Edmonton Public Schools who is completing high school in the current year, has attended Edmonton Public schools for at least four years, demonstrates evidence of volunteerism and a positive attitude towards school and their studies, and requires financial support to attend a post-secondary institution in Edmonton, Alberta.



An applicant must: 

  • be registered at an Edmonton Public Schools high school and completing high school in the current year
  • have attended Edmonton Public school(s) for at least four years
  • demonstrate financial need that warrants scholarship support
  • meet entrance requirements for the program of their choice, and have conditional acceptance from a post-secondary institution in Edmonton
  • demonstrate evidence of volunteerism and a positive attitude towards school and their studies

The school principal will be asked to support the student’s application and verify financial support is essential in order for the applicant to pursue post-secondary studies. 

Application process


Before completing the application form, the applicant must: 

  • get a signed letter of reference from an Edmonton Public Schools staff member
  • write a maximum 500-word letter to the selection team or submit a maximum three-minute video in which the student describes evidence of their volunteerism and positive attitude towards school and their studies
  • prepare a copy of their conditional acceptance from the Edmonton post-secondary institution they will be attending


  1. Double-check the "Get ready to apply" section above to make sure you have all requested items. 
  2. Review the important information you need before you apply.
  3. Be sure all parts of your submission are properly prepared and ready to upload. Once you begin the application, there is no option to save your progress.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, April 29, 2024


The selection team will rank each submission on the applicant's:

  • volunteerism
  • positive attitude towards school and their studies
  • financial need

The recipient will be contacted in June.