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Lockdowns and Lockdown Drill Procedures

  • Code: DBCD.AR
    Topic: Lockdowns and Lockdown Drill Procedures
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2013


  1. A lockdown shall be initiated if there is an imminent threat inside the building. 
  1. Each site shall maintain online site specific emergency plans outlining what to do in the case of a lockdown and shall share these plans with staff in September of each school year. 
  1. Each site shall follow the protocols outlined in their site specific plans should a lockdown be declared. 
  1. All site specific plans shall be reviewed in April each year, modified as necessary and updated the following September if required. 
  1. Lockdown drills shall be planned and carried out in accordance with the site's emergency plan and, in the case of a school, in a manner that is sensitive to the age of the students involved. 
  1. Each school or Division site shall have a minimum of two lockdown drills during the school year. 
  1. One of the lockdown drills is to be unexpected to building occupants. 
  1. Lockdown drills shall be conducted at varied times of the day to ensure that as many occupants as possible have the opportunity to participate in one or more drills each school year. 
  1. Security Services shall be notified at 780-429-8295 of the planned time of each lockdown drill in advance of the drill. 
  1. Sites shall maintain a record of the date and time of each lockdown drill. Records shall be maintained for a period of three years.