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Division Technology

  • Code: DK.BP
    Topic: Division Technology
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 28/01/2020
    Review Year: 2027


To reflect the Board of Trustees’ (the Board) commitment to enabling high quality learning, teaching and working environments through the use of technology.


Division Technology includes those technologies licensed or owned by the Division, including but not limited to: hardware, applications, networking and communications equipment. 

Technology refers to any hardware, applications, networking and communications equipment used in the Division, including those that are personally owned.


The Board believes technology supports high quality learning and teaching that enables students to discover, develop and apply competencies across subject and discipline areas for learning, work and life. 

The Board supports the safe and appropriate use of technology that contributes to a productive learning environment and aligns with Division expectations for positive student and staff behaviour. 

The Board supports a learning and teaching environment in which Division students and staff have equitable access to devices, applications, infrastructure and networks that facilitate the effective integration of technology. 

The Board recognizes the importance of Division technology that is designed to maintain the safety, security and privacy of students and staff and values transparency related to practices supporting the collection, management and storage of data.

The Board acknowledges the role of technology to provide high quality working environments that enable communication and information management. 

The Board values professional learning and capacity building of Division staff in the area of technology to support student learning. 

The Board acknowledges that learning, teaching and working environments are continually evolving, and supports the use of technology that adapts to these dynamic environments. To achieve this outcome, the Division collaborates with industry leaders and innovators in the field of educational technology.


The Superintendent is responsible for implementing this policy through appropriate administrative regulations and communication with Division stakeholders, including staff, students, and families.


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