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School-Purchased Vehicles

  • Code: DEBA.AR
    Topic: School-Purchased Vehicles
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2016


    1. Schools may purchase vehicles for their own use. If a vehicle seats more than 12 passengers, it is considered to be a "bus" according to Alberta Transportation and additional procedures are required as outlined in Section B.

    2. The Division will not rent, lease or purchase new or used 15 passenger vans.

    3. The purchase of a vehicle shall be undertaken through Purchasing and Contract Services.

    4. The vehicle shall be insured under the Board's insurance policy and arranged through Financial Services.

    5. Registration of vehicles purchased by schools shall be in the name of the Edmonton School Division and shall be made through Financial Services. To register a vehicle and issue license plates, the Motor Vehicles Branch requires an Application for Vehicle Registration completed and Proof of Insurance Coverage. Proof of Insurance (or pink card) can be obtained from Financial Services. After registering the vehicle, a copy of the registration must be sent to Financial Services for record keeping.

    6. All costs associated with the purchase, licensing, maintenance, repair, insurance, and operation of any such vehicle shall be the sole responsibility of the school.
    1. Prior to purchase, vehicles shall be inspected by a mechanic authorized by the Safety Branch of Alberta Transportation to ensure they meet the requirements specified in the regulations for the operation of school buses under the Traffic Safety Act.

    2. A copy of the School Bus Inspection form and the mechanic's report indicating that an inspection has been carried out and that the necessary repairs and replacements have been completed shall be submitted to Student Transportation.

    3. To register a school bus and issue school bus license plates, the Motor Vehicles Branch requires a completed School Bus Inspection form and mechanic's report.
    1. A single consolidated claim shall be made for all qualifying vehicles owned by Edmonton Public Schools. The appropriate portion of the refund shall be forwarded to each school when the refund is received. Please note that the refund does not apply to diesel or propane fuel.

    2. Procedures:
      1. On the last week of school before each of the Christmas and summer recesses, school administration shall forward to revenue accounting, all original bills for gasoline purchases together with the appropriate claim form. To meet Federal Government requirements, each bill must show:
        • name of school
        • date of purchase
        • license number of bus
        • number of litres purchased
        • total price
        • signature of driver purchasing gasoline
        • proof of use - proof of use shall be established by the principal's signature on a statement provided by revenue accounting.
    3. Financial Services shall retain original gasoline bills for Federal Government audit purposes. 


Traffic Safety Act - June 12, 2013