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Division Technology Specifications

  • Code: DKA.AR
    Topic: Division Technology Specifications
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2010


    Division Technology specifications define the hardware and software products, procedures, processes and controls necessary for Division schools and central services departments to follow to ensure that legal requirements and Division needs are met.

    All Division schools and central services departments shall follow the specifications listed below when acquiring, developing, maintaining, using, upgrading and disposing of hardware, software, data communications and related technologies:
    1. Security of Division Technology
      2A - Computer Equipment Re-Use and Disposal
      2B - Connecting to Division Networks (LAN and WAN)
      2C - Access to Division Systems by External Organizations

    2. Infrastructure
      3A - Computer Workstations for Staff
      3B - Division Wide Area Network (WAN)
      3C - Computer Workstations for Students
      3D - School Server Configuration
      3E - School File Server Hardware
      3F - Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards)

    3. Applications
      4A - Microsoft Office Suite
      4B - Library Automation
      4C - Student Information System
      4D - Division Applications Programmer Support
      4E - Application Systems Documentation and Testing

    4. Effective/Efficient/Appropriate use of Technology
      5A - Technology Use Guideline
    Division-wide practices shall be established where required to protect the access, availability, integrity and confidentiality of Division information systems. It is more efficient and cost-effective when common technologies, applications and processes are used across the Division.
    • Division Technology, in consultation with stakeholders, shall develop specifications as required.
    • Specifications shall be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.
    • Division Technology shall maintain and communicate changes to approved specifications.
    • The Division shall only support technology processes, hardware, software, and related technologies that meet the specifications.
    • Division Technology specifications shall be communicated using the Division technology website and other Division communication vehicles.


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