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Substitute Teachers Affiliation with Schools

  • Code: FCAC.AR
    Topic: Substitute Teachers Affiliation with Schools
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2014


Teachers included on Edmonton Public Schools' roster of Substitute Teachers effective September 30, shall, upon request, be affiliated with a specific school for the purpose of receiving Division communications, defined as communications originated by Central Services for distribution to all teachers, and ATA communications, and for an opportunity to be involved in school-based activities including professional development activities.

    1. There will be no additional expense incurred by Central Services or individual schools.

    2. Substitute Teachers may request that any central funds available to a Substitute Teacher for Division-based professional development be redirected to cover expenses a school might incur in providing a Substitute Teacher with school-based professional development activities.

    3. Substitute Teacher involvement in a school-based activity shall be at the discretion of the Principal.

    4. A Substitute Teacher will not receive financial compensation for involvement in a school-based activity related to affiliation with a designated school.

    5. All arrangements for affiliation schools are for one year only.

    6. Affiliation with a school has no relationship to a school's list of preferred Substitute Teachers.
    1. Principals are responsible for accommodating up to a maximum of one Substitute Teacher for every five contracted teachers on the school staff.

    2. Principals are responsible for providing a marked location for each affiliated Substitute Teacher to receive mail.

    3. Substitute Teachers are responsible for approaching principals by September 30 to request, in writing, affiliation with a school.

    4. Principals are responsible for responding to requests for affiliation by October 15.

    5. Substitute Teachers are responsible for clearing their mail once per week.

    6. Substitute Teachers who are affiliated with a school and subsequently accept a temporary contract or who request to be inactivated or deleted from the supply roster are responsible for informing their school of affiliation.

    7. Principals are responsible for informing Staffing and Staff Development of the names of all Substitute Teachers who are affiliated with the school.

    8. Staffing and Staff Development is responsible for assisting, upon request, a Substitute Teacher who is unsuccessful in arranging for an affiliation school.