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Leaves of Absence - Personal

  • Code: FJF.AR
    Topic: Leaves of Absence - Personal
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2015


    This regulation applies to leaves of absence in excess of 30 consecutive calendar days without salary or benefits excluding leaves of absence for maternity, parental or health reasons.

    Subject to Division needs and pursuant to the teachers' collective agreement, personal leaves of absence may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools and when granted, shall be in accordance with the following:
    1. The start date and return date of a personal leave of absence for a partial school year should coincide with the school term, semester break, or winter or spring recess.

    2. Personal leaves of absence of one school year or the equivalent shall be taken from the Division. A teacher taking such leave will not remain attached to the school or central decision unit to which they were assigned prior to taking the leave of absence.

    3. A principal who has been confirmed and who is granted a personal leave of absence will retain their designation while on leave.

    4. A teacher designated to a one-year term position of leadership immediately prior to a personal leave of absence for one school year or equivalent will not be re-designated and as such, will not retain their leadership designation while on leave.

    5. A teacher returning from a personal leave of absence at the beginning of a school year is expected to apply on positions posted in the Spring prior to the beginning of that school year. A teacher unsuccessful in securing a position will be placed by the Superintendent of Schools.
    Personal leaves of absence granted to exempt staff are governed by the terms and conditions outlined in Employment Information for Exempt Non-Management staff or Employment Information for Exempt Management staff, whichever applies.

    Leaves of absence for CUPE members are governed by collective agreements.

    At the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools, a personal leave of absence without pay might be granted to a staff member campaigning for a publicly elected office except for Edmonton Public Schools' Trustee. If elected, the leave of absence will be extended for the duration of the first term of elected office.


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