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Division Staff Code of Conduct

  • Code: FBCB.AR
    Topic: Division Staff Code of Conduct
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2013


Edmonton Public Schools holds its staff members to a high standard of ethical conduct. This administrative regulation is intended to outline general guidelines for conduct, and a process for reporting allegations of misconduct. It cannot provide for every situation or circumstance. It is expected that staff members will behave in a manner which reflects common sense, good judgment, and discretion, and will adhere to all Board Policies, Administrative Regulations and Guidelines.

  1. General
    1. Staff members shall adhere to the policies, regulations and guidelines of the Division, and not knowingly violate the collective agreements between the Division and its unions or staff groups, or any other legal agreement between the Division and an outside agency.

    2. Staff members shall be respectful in all their interactions with students, parents, community members, other Division employees and contractors.

    3. Staff members shall conduct their employment responsibilities in an honest, faithful and diligent manner.

    4. Private endeavours must not provide the appearance of an opportunity for wrongdoing or unethical conduct. Private endeavours include aspects of a staff member's activity outside those connected with official Division duties. These may include:
      1. Financial interest;
      2. Paid and unpaid activities beyond official duty; and
      3. Relationships with third parties who may be
        • Employed by the Division
        • Doing business with the Division
        • Seeking employment or benefits from the Division
    5. Staff members shall disclose to their supervisor/principal any financial, business or commercial interest which may conflict with their duty to the Division or the proper execution of their duties. Where potential conflict is identified by the supervisor, the matter will be forwarded to Director Staff Relations for review.

    6. These principles are intended to complement any Code of Ethics that a staff member would follow because of his or her professional affiliation e.g., the ATA Code of Professional Conduct, CUPE Equality Statement and Oath of Obligation, or a professional association code of conduct.
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. All staff members are responsible for adhering to the Division Staff Code of Conduct.

    2. The Superintendent of Schools or his or her designate is responsible for compliance with the policy. He or she reviews any investigative report and accompanying responses, and determines what, if any, action is to be taken.

    3. Assistant superintendents, managing directors, directors and principals are responsible for ensuring that staff are informed about the code of conduct.

    4. The Director Staff Relations is responsible for process of managing complaints, including providing information to parties and arranging for investigations.
  3. Conflict of Interest
    Staff members of the Division shall not without the prior approval of the Superintendent or designate:
    1. use information or materials (see section E) belonging to the Division to gain financial benefit either directly or indirectly;
    2. enter into a contract with the Division, either personally or through a third party.
  4. Gifts, Payments and Rewards
    Staff members shall not accept a gift, payment, favour or service from any individual or organization in the course of their assigned duties if that gift, payment, favour or service:
    1. is other than a normal exchange of hospitality between people doing business, or
    2. affects the fair and unbiased evaluation or acquisition of the materials or services offered to the Division.
  5. Use of Board Property
    1. Division property, including vehicles, equipment and material, shall not be used for personal benefit or non-Division purposes without Division approval.

    2. The Superintendent of Schools or designate may authorize the use of supplies or equipment by Division staff if they feel that such use will assist staff members in their assigned work. It may be required that some staff regularly retain board-owned supplies or equipment in their possession.

    3. A written record of the authorization of the use of supplies or equipment shall be maintained indicating the time of release, the signature of the user, and the date on which the item is returned.

    4. Staff members are responsible for exercising all reasonable care to prevent abuse to, excessive wear of, or loss of Division-owned equipment or material entrusted to their care.
  6. Use of Time
    Staff members are expected to use work time for work purposes.

  7. Employment External to the Division
    1. If a staff member takes supplementary employment, including self-employment, it shall not:
      1. appear to be an official act or to represent an opinion of the Division, or
      2. interfere with, negatively influence or affect the performance of their duties for the Division.

      1. Staff members who author or create print or non-print courseware, software or any other instructional or educational resource material are deemed to be the owners of this material only if the development of such material is not part of the staff member's assigned duties and the materials are developed on the staff member's own time and without the use of Division resources.
      2. Staff members are advised that they should seek approval from their principal or decision unit supervisor prior to the commencement of the work.
      3. Approval should also be obtained if any Division resources are to be used in the development of the materials.
  8. Criminal Conduct
    1. Staff members shall be expected to notify the Division of all criminal charges at the time the charge is issued.

    2. Conviction of any criminal offence may result in termination of employment with the Division.

    3. Applicants for employment are required to disclose all criminal charges and convictions.
  9. Reporting of Allegations of Misconduct
    1. Any staff member who has reasonable grounds for believing that another staff member has engaged in conduct that is dishonest, illegal, abusive or detrimental to the interests or reputation of the Division shall report the conduct to that staff member's immediate supervisor or the Director Staff Relations as soon as possible.

    2. Teachers making such an allegation against another teacher should seek advice on how to address the situation from a staff officer in Member Services, Alberta Teachers' Association, to ensure they are in compliance with the ATA Code of Professional Conduct. Similarly, CUPE members may contact their union representatives to ensure compliance with the CUPE Equality Statement and Membership Oath of Obligation. Exempt staff members may wish to contact their professional organizations for assistance; advice is also available through Staff Relations.

      Note: Where the conduct involves imminent threat or danger to any person or property of the Division a staff member should report the conduct immediately.

    3. A staff member shall only make a report under section I.1 in good faith.

    4. A supervisor or principal who receives a report under section I.1 shall inform the Director Staff Relations as soon as possible.

    5. The Director Staff Relations shall determine the action to be taken.

    6. The Superintendent of Schools' decision regarding the outcome of an investigation will be final.
  10. Protection for Reporting an Allegation of Misconduct
    1. If an allegation is made in good faith, and is not found to be vexatious, the staff member making the allegation will not be disciplined, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

    2. The staff member making the allegation and anyone who provides information will be protected from any form of retaliation related to their employment from either co-workers or supervisors under this policy.

    3. A staff member who has encountered retaliation may submit a complaint in writing within six months to the Director Staff Relations. Teachers must be mindful of their responsibilities under the Code of Professional Conduct.

    4. The complaint will be investigated as per the Division process.

    5. Any staff member who makes an allegation of misconduct that is not in good faith or who retaliates against a staff member for making a report of misconduct in good faith shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

    6. The Superintendent of Schools' decision shall be final.


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