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Board adopts rigorous accountability measures

Mon, 10 Dec, 2012

Board adopts rigorous accountability measures

At the public board meeting on December 4, the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees voted to develop a more comprehensive process for publicly reporting the expenses of Trustees and senior officials.

The new measures will align with the Government of Alberta’s Directive on Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses. The new process will be in place for the start of Edmonton Public Schools’ next fiscal year, which will begin on September 1, 2013.

“The Government of Alberta has set a high standard for reporting their travel and other expenses,” says Board Chair Sarah Hoffman. “Our Board is committed to adopting the highest possible standards in this regard, both for ourselves and our staff. As one of my fellow Trustees stated, accountability and transparency are the cornerstones of good governance and I couldn’t agree more.”

The Board of Trustees also approved its audited financial statements for the 2011-2012 school year and agreed to transfer $4.4 million from operating reserves to offset a net deficit position in unrestricted net assets.