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Board approves remuneration for next term

Wed, 9 Jan, 2013

Board approves remuneration for next term

Yesterday, the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees approved a recommendation to increase Trustee remuneration effective October 22, 2013. The increase will not apply to the current Board of Trustees, as it comes into effect after the next school board election in October 2013.

Part of the increased cost will be offset by a decision to eliminate the position of Caucus Committee Chair. The duties previously carried out by this position will be assumed by the Board Vice-Chair.

“The Board wanted to provide the next group of Trustees with fair compensation that reflects the level of work and commitment required of this demanding position,” says Board Chair Sarah Hoffman “The increase in remuneration is based on the most recent settlements reached with most of the District’s staff groups.”

The Board did not approve a recommendation to retroactively apply cost of living increases to remuneration received by current Trustees.

“Trustees ran for office based on the level of remuneration in place when we were elected,” says Hoffman. “The Board recognized it would not be appropriate for us to approve an increase to our own remuneration.”

The Full Board Report, which is posted on the district website, provides details on all of the remuneration increase recommendations.

The next board meeting will take place on January 15, 2013 at 2 p.m.