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Board considers revised policy on assessment

Wed, 12 Dec, 2012

Board considers revised policy on assessment

Yesterday, the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees considered a revised policy on student assessment, achievement and growth. This is the first step in approving a new version of the policy. 

As part of the Board’s policy development and review process, the Board considers a new or revised policy three separate times. At the meeting yesterday, the Board’s Policy Review Committee presented a draft version of the revised policy to the Board of Trustees for consideration for the first time. The Board approved the committee’s recommendation to consider the policy and to post it on the district website for stakeholder input. 

“The Board of Trustees wanted to more clearly express our values and expectations regarding assessment,” says Acting Board Chair Michael Janz. “The revised policy places a high priority on responsibility and accountability for both students and staff, along with an expectation for consistent assessment practices across our school district.” 

The revised policy will be posted on the district website on December 17 and will be available for six weeks. In addition, the Board will be hosting a teleconference at the end of January 2013, which will provide another opportunity for community members to share their feedback on the revised policy. 

“We look forward to hearing from our students, parents, staff and community members on this first draft of the new policy,” says Janz. “We are taking extra steps to gather input because we know this is an important topic for our community.” 

At the meeting, the Board also received the final report of the School Closure Moratorium Committee and approved the next steps recommended by the committee. More details are available on the district website.

The next board meeting will take place on January 8, 2013 at 2 p.m.