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Board receives report on district survey results

Wed, 14 Nov, 2012

Board receives report on district survey results

Yesterday, the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees received a report on the annual district surveys of students, parents, community members and staff. The surveys gauge respondents’ attitudes on a wide range of educational issues. For community members, funding continues to be the primary area of concern, followed by class size and preparation for life after high school. 

When looking at the total overall average, most results remain fairly consistent when comparing 2011-2012 with 2010-2011. Some results did show a change and are worth noting. For example, fewer district leaders expressed confidence in the Board and Superintendent, whereas more parents and community members did express confidence in their leadership. 

“The Board of Trustees values the feedback we receive from parents, community members, students and district staff,” says Board Chair Sarah Hoffman. “The surveys are one of the tools we use to hold ourselves accountable for providing students with the best possible education.” 

The surveys were administered in April 2012 and provide a snapshot of how district stakeholders were feeling about these issues at a given point in time. They surveys provide valuable information that helps schools and central departments in their planning for the next school year. The complete survey results are available on the district website.