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Board votes against endorsing proposed agreement

Wed, 20 Mar, 2013

Board votes against endorsing proposed agreement

At yesterday’s regularly scheduled board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to advise the  Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) not to endorse the proposed agreement between the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

“This deal is not good for the District or our students,” said Sarah Hoffman, Board Chair. “We are being asked to approve a deal we cannot afford.”

The Board is concerned it will not be able to provide the current level of service to students and that the cost of the agreement would likely result in staff reductions.

The Board is also concerned that two committees, the Exceptions Committee and the Teacher Development and Practice Committee, could potentially erode the decision making power of locally elected school boards.

“Our main priority will always be to act in the best interest of our students – to maximize the dollars we have and to minimize any impact on their education,” continued Chair Hoffman.

The ASBA asked individual school boards to give them direction on whether or not they should endorse the proposed agreement.

The full effect of the proposed agreement on district operations is still being considered. The Board is confident the ASBA will convey its concerns to the Government. Individual boards have been asked to ratify the proposed agreement by May 13. The Board of Trustees is hopeful its concerns will be addressed in the coming weeks, so it can revisit the agreement prior to the ratification vote.