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Edmonton Catholic and Public Boards partner to look at student transportation

Tue, 12 Feb, 2013

Edmonton Catholic and Public Boards partner to look at student transportation

The Edmonton Catholic School District and the Edmonton Public School Board have joined forces to carry out a feasibility study on a joint transportation plan. Administrations for both districts will work together to come up with a plan that would improve efficiency, reduce ride times and reduce costs for both districts.

Both Boards approved the feasibility study at their respective public meetings today.

“This is certainly a win – win – win scenario; for Edmonton Public Schools, Edmonton Catholic Schools and the students we serve,” says Board Chair Sarah Hoffman. “We are very pleased to work together to find solutions that demonstrate fiscal responsibility and allow us to be proactive in providing improved bus services.”

Yellow bus service is provided to more than 8,500 Edmonton Public Schools’ students daily. This includes approximately 6,500 students who receive busing because they do not have a school in their neighbourhood or choose to attend an alternative program, and nearly 2,300 Early Education to Grade 12 students who reeive curb-service busing to District Centre special education programs.

In Edmonton Catholic Schools 7,380 students receive regular yellow bus service from their catchment area and an additional 1,275 students receive curb service every day.

“Our Districts are very excited about collaborating on this unique approach to student transportation,” said Becky Kallal, Board Chair with Edmonton Catholic Schools.  “Our goal is to reduce ride times and costs while offering the best transportation plan possible for students in both Districts who depend on this daily service,” Kallal went on to say.

It is expected that the recommendations from the feasibility study will be reviewed by both Boards in early January 2014.