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Recruiting a Financial Pro for Audit Committee

Tue, 15 Jan, 2019

News Item: Recruiting a Financial Pro for Join Audit Committee

The Board of Trustees is looking for a financial professional to join its Audit Committee.

The committee is made up of the Board of Trustees and two volunteer external members. We’re recruiting for one external committee member to serve a four-year term.

This opportunity will provide valuable experience in the financial oversight of the second largest school District in Alberta, serving almost 102,000 students with a budget of over $1 billion.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • designated professional accountant (required)
  • experience with leadership and advisory roles
  • experience and knowledge with audit standards, governance and managing complex systems
  • detailed knowledge of Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS)
  • a member of the adult learning community (preferred but not required)


As a member of the Audit Committee, you'll meet at least twice a year.

The Audit Committee meets before the annual audit to:

  • recommend the appointment of an external auditor to the Board of Trustees
  • meet with the auditor, before the audit begins, to review the engagement letter and assure the auditor's independence from management
  • review and discuss the audit plan with the auditor

The Audit Committee meets after the annual audit to:

  • review the audited financial statements
  • review the draft audit report and received the auditor's independence letter
  • review the audit findings report and accompanying management letter
  • review the auditor's assessment of the District's system of internal controls and accounting policies
  • show the financial information was reviewed with due diligence and recommend whether the Board should accept the annual audit report and financial statements for forwarding to the Minister of Education

How to Apply

To apply for this position, contact:

Joanne Adamkewicz
Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director
Financial Services

Please identify any potential conflicts of interest when you apply.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 15, 2019. The first Audit Committee meeting for the new external member will take place in June 2019 at the Centre for Education.