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Celebrating Environment Week

Mon, 4 Jun, 2018

News item: Environment Week 2018

Edmonton Public Schools is celebrating Environment Week. While our schools—and the District as a whole—work hard throughout the year to be environmentally sustainable, two of our schools recently launched some fun environment initiatives to help educate and give students hands-on experiences to help them become environmental leaders.


Lendrum School started a “Pride Patch,” which is a garden on school property that every student in the school helps look after. The Grade 1 classes at the school also started an initiative called Forest Friday, where a class is held outdoors once a week on Friday. Students participate in different activities to learn about the environment and use objects found in nature to create art projects. Students also learn about how indigenous cultures used the land and nature as an important part of the cultural experiences.

At Jan Reimer School, they've partnered with the Orchards Residents Association to plant a community garden at the neighbourhood’s clubhouse. This is a true partnership between the school and the community. Jan Reimer School families donated items and seeds for the garden, staff members planted the garden, and students and staff will help take care of it until the end of the school year. During the summer months, community members will help tend to the garden as well.


We released our first District Energy and Environment Strategy this week. The strategy will help guide environmental education, stewardship and sustainability initiatives throughout our District over the next four years.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives.