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Translation now available on epsb.ca

Mon, 8 Apr, 2024

News item: Translation now available on epsb.ca

As part of efforts to help all families access important information about their child’s education, you can now translate information on the Edmonton Public Schools website more easily.

Visitors to epsb.ca can now use a built-in translation tool powered by Google to read information in their preferred language. You can find Google Translate near the top right of the website. Click on it to choose your preferred language.

Making information more accessible

Adding Google Translate to our public website makes it easier and more convenient for all families to access information about registering for school, attending school open houses, student awards, Division news and more.

This is one step in the Division's efforts to remove barriers to information, and to build a learning community where every person belongs, is included and experiences success. This also supports our Division’s 2022–26 strategic plan, which emphasizes taking action toward anti-racism, reconciliation and equity in schools and the community.

To protect student privacy, the Division is not able to add translation to SchoolZone at this time. That is because SchoolZone contains student records and personal information about families.

Other translation options

Families looking for ways to translate other websites may want to add a translation extension to their internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

The extensions allow you to translate many web pages to your preferred language with a couple of clicks. 

Understanding the limits of translation

It’s important to remember that automatic translation tools come with limitations. Machine-based translation services cannot translate all types of documents and information on a website, and may not always provide an exact translation.

Learn more about translation on epsb.ca.