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Happy World Teachers' Day!

Mon, 5 Oct, 2020

News item: World Teachers' Day 2020

To recognize World Teachers’ Day we asked students, staff and community members to tell us about the teachers who inspire them, and the response was overwhelming! We received hundreds of messages of love for Division teachers. 

From Megan at Londonderry School who told us about her “awesome, totally cool, fun and upbeat teacher,” to Rekha from Pollard Meadows School who thanked her teacher for making learning fun, it’s clear that our teachers do incredible work. 

Teachers, role models and mentors

Teachers are role models for students, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what students and families had to say about the teachers they look up to and admire:

“Mrs. Kinasevich made a difference in my life. She encouraged me to try new things and she helped me through tough times. In her classroom I felt safe. Her classroom was fun. She told us many stories from when she was growing up. She is a very fun teacher and she has made an impact on me.”
- Harnaz, Grade 8 at Bisset

“Mr. McInnes, I am so glad I got the chance to be in your class twice. You have pushed me up for not just Math but all the other subjects. He supported me through when I had hard time focusing in my classes. I am delighted that I look up to so many teachers at my school as my role model.”
- Sachieka, Grade 12 at Harry Ainlay

“I love all my teachers who taught me till today. I wouldn't be the same as I am today without you all. Thank you all! All of you have a special place in my life and heart.”
- Hazma, Grade 3 at Menisa

The power of a smile

You may not be able to see our teachers smiling under their masks this year, but there’s no limit to their positive energy and the impact it has on their community. 

“Teachers—they give us students more than what they receive. Stress fills them daily, yet they still put a smile on their face. The teachers I have are all so very kind and supporting. I can be engaged and learn because of them. Thank you to all my teachers. :)”
- Student at Vernon Barford

“We are grateful to all of our teachers who, this year more than ever, are showing their resilience by adapting, being flexible, and setting a good example for our children. Things may look different but when you show up each day with a smile on your face it helps our children keep going. Thank you!”
- Parent or guardian at Nellie Carlson

“Mrs. Chalmers was someone that I found was there for me when I needed to talk and she always seemed to have a smile on her face in the darkest of times. She was there throughout basketball season and I still see her around the halls with a smile that just makes my day even when I am down.” 
- Serar, Grade 8 at Westminster

Teaching in 2020

This year has been unlike any other, but our teachers have stepped up to every challenge. The flexibility and dedication of teaching staff has not gone unnoticed.  

“Centennial teachers rock!! Our kids love school even during these strange times thanks to the great effort and care put in by their amazing teachers! Thank you!!”
- Kathryn, parent or guardian at Centennial 

“I would like to thank Mr. McAdam and Mr. Severin for bringing my class and I laughter throughout the day, they always make very sarcastic jokes which I'm very thankful for because it helps me stay positive during these difficult times.”
- Keira, Grade 7 at Johnny Bright

“Ms. Galloway has been an absolutely incredible online teacher for my son, who is in grade 6. I give her so much for credit for all she does, her commitment, her knowledge, and acceptance of taking on a new role in this online world. We are so lucky our son, Devlin, has been put in her class!”
- Janine, parent at Meadowlark

Thank you to everyone who took the time to help us celebrate World Teachers’ Day! If you weren’t able to submit a message, it’s not too late to show your appreciation. Take a moment to say thanks in person or share a message on social media using the hashtag #ThankaTeacherEPSB.

For more heartwarming stories, follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the rest of the week. We’ll be sharing messages of appreciation daily.