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Spotlighting staff who support student mental health

Wed, 27 Feb, 2019

News item: Spotlighting staff who support student mental health

How do we support the mental health of our more than 102,000 students? The answer: our staff. The fact is most students who report accessing mental health services do so through their schools. Our staff are there to support students, whether it’s teaching them how to manage their mental health from day to day, or connecting them with our community and health-care partners.

Through our staff spotlight series, we’ll shine a light on a staff member doing this essential work in our schools and throughout the District. They are counsellors, teachers, school leaders, social workers and support staff.

Together, they offer students the unique support they need, from educating young people to reduce stigma to referring them to our health-care partners when needed.


Read the first story about Jimi Ogunfowora, a social work consultant whose calm nature and background as a newcomer guide him in his work with young people.


Learn more about how schools work closely with families and community partners to support our students' mental health