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Wed, 17 Oct, 2018

News: Cannabis and Edmonton Public Schools

Today, cannabis is legalized and regulated across Canada.

To align with this change, we’ve released updated rules around alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use on and in District property and at District functions. The regulation applies to everyone in Edmonton Public Schools: students, staff, parents, volunteers and external groups who rent or lease District spaces.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, tobacco-like products and cannabis are restricted substances for all students in Edmonton Public Schools, including those who are over 18 years of age. Learn more about our Board Policy HG.BP - Student Behaviour and Conduct.  
  • The new rules also apply to staff to ensure we continue to provide the best learning and working environment for everyone.
  • When on District property or at a District-sponsored event, everyone must follow our policies and regulations.

Over the coming weeks, as everyone adjusts to this new legislation, we will continue to review our rules and regulations to ensure they continue to align with the new legislation.