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Fri, 9 Sep, 2016

News item: Fort McMurray Public School District thanks EPSB

Trustees were humbled to receive a letter from the Fort McMurray Public School District thanking students and staff for welcoming children displaced by the northern Alberta wildfire in May.

Jeff Thompson, Board Chair of the Fort McMurray Public School District, credited Edmonton Public Schools for providing stability and normalcy for students and their families, noting he personally heard “many stories about the incredible reception and support” students received.

“Our students’ welcome was heart-warming and certainly demonstrated the character of Albertans and Canadians,” wrote Thompson. “Thank you again for everything your system implemented to ensure our students and families experienced love and support during such an unprecedented event. It made such a difference for our District and region.”

Edmonton Public School Board Chair Michael Janz said the District was happy to help fellow Albertans in their time of need.

“Our students and staff are incredibly compassionate and were more than happy to rally around the students and families from Fort McMurray, helping them with whatever it was they needed. I was both inspired and humbled by the stories I heard about small and big acts of kindness that were modelled in our classrooms, on the playground and in our community.”


At the September 6 board meeting, a report was shared highlighting the District’s results from the Accountability Pillar Survey. Alberta Education administers this survey, which is given to all students and teachers in Grades 4, 7 and 10, as well as students’ parents. Almost 28,000 people took part, answering questions about the quality of education provided by school authorities and schools. The District received ‘excellent’ rankings in various categories. Respondents felt our schools are safe and our District provides students with a broad program of studies, a strong overall education and excellent citizenship skills.