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Expanding external security camera installations

Fri, 9 Apr, 2021

News item: Expanding external security camera installations

Over the years, the Division has installed external video surveillance cameras at the request of schools. Through this process, we’ve identified additional areas that may benefit from video monitoring such as main doors, tarmacs, parking lots, garbage and recycling bins, bicycle racks, sheds, and hidden or secluded alcoves. 

As part of our ongoing work to keep students, staff and community safe, we will be installing external video surveillance cameras at all Division schools. 


Using video monitoring outside school buildings can help: 

  • support current student and staff safety measures already in place
  • prevent minor crimes and mischief like school property damage and theft
  • identify intruders and people suspected of breaking the law  

When an incident happens and an investigation is required, the recordings are reviewed by a school principal and staff from Division Security Services. The principal may allow other Division staff to view the footage if they are supporting the investigation. Recordings will be deleted regularly on a predetermined schedule. 

This initiative does not include installing video surveillance cameras inside school buildings. Any requests from schools for internal surveillance cameras are managed on a case-by-case basis in consultation with Division Security Services. 


The images captured may include: 

  • faces, clothing and movement
  • personal identifiers (e.g., physical characteristics)
  • activities occurring in the area 
  • vehicles and license plate numbers 

Read more about how the Division collects and uses personal information for educational purposes and to protect the safety of students and staff.


Video camera installation at all Division schools will begin in 2021 and is expected to continue over several years. 


If you have questions about video surveillance at your child’s school, talk to your school principal. 

To learn more about the Division’s approach to video surveillance, read the DCA.AR Video Surveillance Systems regulation or contact infrastructure@epsb.ca