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Fri, 22 Apr, 2016

News item: Earth Day 2016

Leading up to Earth Day, more than 30 exhibitors gathered at Queen Elizabeth and Ross Sheppard schools last week to teach students about careers with an environmental focus.

Some of the exhibitors featured carbon capture and storage, while others highlighted conservation, wind power, solar power or sustainable development initiatives.

In total, four Green Career Fairs will be held in our District this month at Queen Elizabeth, Harry Ainlay, Ross Sheppard and Strathcona schools.

In addition to the Green Career Fairs, some of our schools celebrated Earth Day by holding an e-waste recycle drive, encouraging students to pack “litterless lunches” and participating in a schoolyard cleanup.

Learn more about our past, present and future environmental initiatives.

Pictured above: Students at Ross Sheppard School participate in a Green Career Fair on Earth Day 2016.