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Make SchoolZone your first stop for yellow bus info

Thu, 17 Aug, 2017

News item: Make SchoolZone your first stop for yellow bus info

As we get ready to go back to school, Edmonton Public Schools transportation planners are finalizing the first round of yellow bus routes. Families can find information about their children’s yellow bus routes and schedules on SchoolZone starting in mid-August.

During the school year, parents can use Where’s My Bus? on SchoolZone to check the location of their child’s bus and see if it’s on time or running late. 

Student Transportation will adjust bus routes again during the 2017-18 school year, according to a set calendar with deadlines to request a yellow bus route change

Starting September 5, about 400 yellow school buses will travel more than 29,000 kilometres a day, delivering thousands of students to their schools.


Here are a few more numbers about busing in Edmonton and beyond.

‌30,000: that’s how many District school students board Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) and yellow school buses to get to class each day.

: that’s how many passengers the world’s longest bus can carry. The five-compartment articulated behemoth from China is limited to routes with no sharp turns.

‌26: the average number of minutes District school students ride the school bus one way in Edmonton. ‌  

1930: decade in which it’s believed Lydia Ulsaker wrote the famous UK folk song, The Wheels on the Bus.  ‌

‌‌5,257,188: the number of kilometres yellow buses travel to District schools in a year. 

:  that’s how many trips to the moon and back those buses would make in a year, if they traveled equivalent kilometres through space.

1662: year that French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher Blaise Pascal introduced the first horse-drawn bus in Paris. The coaches ran regular routes and carried between six and eight passengers. High ticket prices drove them out of business after 15 years. ‌ 

10: the average number of kilometres students walk to the school in the village of Macambacuine, Mozambique. The school was built with funds raised by Edmonton’s Gateway Rotary Club. 

1,250: views per day of GPS bus information over SchoolZone, through Where’s My Bus?.   ‌