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SchoolZone Pilot Expansion

Sun, 10 Dec, 2017

News item: SchoolZone Pilot Expansion

UPDATED: The news story was updated on January 5, 2018 to include the Lillian Osborne catchment schools.

Since August, 17 schools in the McNally catchment have been piloting a new and improved version of SchoolZone, the District’s main online tool for communicating with families.

Pilot participants have helped us to continuously improve the new design and, based on their positive feedback, we’ve decided to expand the pilot to include more schools. In early 2018, schools in the W.P. Wagner and Lillian Osborne catchments will also start using the new SchoolZone design.

W.P. Wagner catchment Lillian Osborne catchment
Bisset Brander Gardens
Crawford Plains Brookside
Daly Grove Constable Daniel Woodall 
Kate Chegwin Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour
Minchau Earl Buxton
Pollard Meadows Esther Starkman
Svend Hansen George H. Luck
T.D. Baker Lillian Osborne
W.P. Wagner Nellie Carlson
Weinlos  Riverbend 


Parents, students and staff from schools involved in the pilot can sign in at schoolzone-pilot.epsb.ca.

They can look forward to:

  • a site that works on desktops, smartphones and tablets
  • finding information faster and easier
  • getting specific notifications about what’s new
  • access to SchoolZone’s classic key features—like homework, attendance records and progress reports

Expanding the pilot gives us a chance to get feedback from a wider range of users before the redesign launches at all schools next year.


January 8, 2018: Pilot opens to families in Kindergarten to Grade 9 in W.P. Wagner catchment. 

February 1, 2018: Pilot opens to families at W. P. Wagner and Lillian Osborne catchments. 

February 6, 2018: Pilot opens to families in Kindergarten to Grade 9 students in Lillian Osborne catchment.  

Spring 2018: We'll ask for more feedback to make SchoolZone even better before it’s rolled out across the District.


If your child’s school is involved in the pilot, contact the school for more information. Learn more about SchoolZone.