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Seeking feedback from residents of Big Lake

Mon, 26 Sep, 2016

News item: Seeking feedback from residents of Big Lake

In June of the previous school year, we shared potential attendance areas for the 11 new schools scheduled to open in September 2017. You gave us a lot of helpful feedback during the June meetings and through the online survey that ran over the summer.

Communities in the Big Lake area were included in proposed attendance areas for two different schools — Hilwie Hamdom School in Hudson and David Thomas King School in Secord. To help us make decisions, we want to hear more from people living in the Big Lake area.


We have a very basic question for Big Lake residents: which school designations make sense for your family?

Do you prefer the designated school for Big Lake to become Hilwie Hamdon School (K-9), David Thomas King School (K-9), or Winterburn (elementary) and Michael Phair (junior high) schools?

Or do you prefer the status quo (McArthur (K-6) and Rosslyn (7-9), or Winterburn, depending on which part of Big Lake you live in)?

Your feedback, along with things like neighbourhood demographics and population trends, will inform our final decision. To let us know what you think, complete our short survey.


Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting on October 5. We received a lot of good questions and feedback from community members, which will help inform our decision. 

If you weren’t able to attend, you can still fill out the feedback survey. If you have any questions, call Planning at 780-429-8539.