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Solar energy enough to power the equivalent of 800 homes

Tue, 6 Jun, 2023

News item: Solar energy enough to power the equivalent of 800 homes

This year, Edmonton Public Schools will generate enough solar energy to offset 7.5 per cent of our total energy usage. This is enough to power 800 homes. 

In total, 24 schools have solar installations that replace non-renewable with renewable energy. We’re also proud to have the largest solar array of any school in Western Canada on Lillian Osborne High School. 

The most recent solar installations were completed on the 12 schools below in partnership with the Solar for Schools Program:

  • Dr. Lila Fahlman
  • Hilwie Hamdon
  • J. Percy Page
  • Svend Hansen
  • S. Bruce Smith
  • Shauna May Seneca
  • John D. Bracco
  • Constable Daniel Woodall
  • Velma Baker
  • David Thomas King
  • George P. Nicholson
  • Mary Butterworth

Solar for Schools is administered by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre with funding from the Government of Alberta. 

Learning about renewable energy in schools

As students learn about renewable energy, solar panels on schools are a powerful way to show this learning in action and how we use renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions.

More information

Generating solar energy is one of many actions the Division is taking to reduce its carbon footprint over time. Learn more about our carbon reduction targets as part of the Corporate Climate Leadership Program and the Division’s Energy and Environment Strategy.