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Welcoming Edgemont Northwest at Bessie Nichols School

Fri, 8 Dec, 2023

News item: Welcoming Edgemont Northwest at Bessie Nichols School

Edmonton Public Schools is excited to announce Edgemont Northwest will be included in the designated attendance area for Bessie Nichols School for the 2024–25 school year. 

Due to enrolment pressure in schools in the area, the designated schools for Edgemont Northwest have been a significant distance away from the community. After carefully monitoring enrolment for the last few years, enrolment pressures have eased at Bessie Nichols School. Redesignating Edgemont Northwest to Bessie Nichols School will allow students to attend school closer to home. 

Growth Control Model Updates

Bessie Nichols School will remain at Level 2 on the Growth Control Model as enrolment continues to adjust and students from prior years with higher enrolment eventually graduate from the school.

Map of Edgemont that shows which schools are designated to each area of the neighbourhood.

Download a printable version of the map.

Getting to school

Students in Grades K–6 will be eligible for yellow bus transportation to Bessie Nichols School. Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the preferred means of transportation for students in Grades 7–9. Yellow bus service for students attending their designated school may be provided in cases where ETS is not available.

Staying at Winterburn or Michael Phair School

Students from the Edgemont Northwest area who are currently attending Winterburn or Michael Phair schools can stay at the school, if they wish. However, yellow bus service will not be available for these students, as they will no longer be attending their designated school.

Registration and pre-enrolment

New students to Edmonton Public Schools will be able to register from February 1 to March 22, 2024. Current Edmonton Public Schools students can pre-enrol between February 1 and March 22, 2024